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Cedar - Fencing

A versatile timber solution

Classed as a Softwood but has very good durability due to a natural oil in it making it perfect for exterior applications. The timber is very uniform and is cut flat and straight. It is also stable and easy to work with virtually no issues with reject pieces. It machines well and stays stable once machined or in its sawn form.

A crisp, rich tonal property, suitable for outdoor borders, that is resin free, ideal for finishing from stains to traditional solids. With a versatile textures range and grades and dimensions.

Products using Cedar include ...

Western Red Cedar Fencing Screens

A Western Red Cedar screen creates an architectural look that provides visually interesting shadow lines and texture within outdoor spaces. Built with horizontal boards, the aesthetic appeal of this style of screen lies in its simple clean lines and appealing proportions.

Board-and-batten is a vertical design created using wide cedar boards spaced apart with narrower boards (battens) covering the joins. There are no set board or batten widths - various combinations are used to create different looks suitable for large or small scale applications.

Cedar Fencing Screens

Western Red Cedar Battens

Western Red Cedar Battens are a versatile product suitable for a range of purposes. Often used for framing fences, trellis and acting as trim to hide fixings, battens have also recently become highly desirable for creating slatted screens and horizontal fencing.

Cedar Fencing Battens


Batten Dimensions Batten Lengths
18mm x 44mm - PAO 6ft (1.83m), 8ft (2.44m), 10ft (3.05m), 12ft (3.66m), 14ft (4.27m), 16ft (4.88m)
18mm x 94mm - PAO 6ft (1.83m), 8ft (2.44m), 10ft (3.05m), 12ft (3.66m), 14ft (4.27m), 16ft (4.88m)
18mm x 144mm - PAO 6ft (1.83m), 8ft (2.44m), 10ft (3.05m), 12ft (3.66m), 14ft (4.27m), 16ft (4.88m)
18mm x 194mm - PAO 6ft (1.83m), 8ft (2.44m), 10ft (3.05m), 12ft (3.66m), 14ft (4.27m), 16ft (4.88m)

Clear Grade Square Post & Caps

Our Western Red Cedar posts are planed smooth on all faces and have eased (slightly rounded) edges giving them a pleasing profile. Uses include fencing, deck railing, trellis, pergolas etc.

Cedar Fencing Posts


Posts Dimensions Posts Lengths
94mm x 94mm - PAO 5ft (1.52m),6ft (1.83m), 8ft (2.44m), 10ft (3.05m)
69mm x 69mm - PAO 5ft (1.52m),6ft (1.83m), 8ft (2.44m), 10ft (3.05m)

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