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Composite Screening

attractive & sleek

Our Composite Screening does not need oiling or painting and has a been engineered with anti-UV technology to combat fading in sunlight. Its unique combination of bamboo, reclaimed timber and recycled plastic accounts for more than 90 percent of its composition, helping to delay the weathering process. This also makes our Composite Screening resistant to termites, rot, decay, mould and mildew.

Composite Screening looks and feels like natural timber, combining the strength of bamboo and reclaimed timber with the durability of plastic. All these features combined ensure that our Composite Screening is the perfect choice for your outdoor living area.

TimberIreland Composite
Features & Benefits

No Oiling, Painting or Sealing

No oiling, painting or sealing

With our Composite Screening you get the beauty of timber without the upkeep. Oiling, painting, or sealing your deck will be a thing of the past. TimberIreland Composite Screening does not require any coatings, just some occasional cleaning to keep your deck looking at its best. Our Care & Maintenance Guideance is straightforward. Find out more

No Oiling, Painting or Sealing

Looks and feels like timber

TimberIreland Composite Screening is manufactured in straight and consistent lengths, it doesn't twist, cup or have knots normally associated with timber. This means you no longer need to worry about getting straight, long lengths of timber to complete your screen, or fuss over colour and quality variations found in timber. Ekodeck's unique finish and composition not only looks and feels like timber, but it's able to be sanded, ripped, planed and cut just like timber.

Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally friendly

The unique composition of our boards uses over 90% reclaimed and recycled decking materials. By using waste products destined for landfill we're cleaning up the world we live in and saying no to deforestation, transforming waste materials into high quality, durable products for you to enjoy for years to come.

No Splinters / Family Safe

Family Safe / Splinter free

TimberIreland Composite Screening is safe for the whole family - with no risk of sharp splinters and no protruding nails to contend you can rest assured your family is safe using these enclosures.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Easy & Fast Installation

TimberIreland Composite Screening instalation report at least a 30% time saving compared to traditional screening with consistant quality. TimberIreland Composite Screening boards are made for installation with the Hidden Fastening System; providing you with a surface free of fasteners and faster, easier installation.

Oak Panel Slat
Walnut Panel 2700mm x 72mm x 12mm
Slate Grey 2700mm x 72mm x 12mm
Charcoal 2700mm x 72mm x 12mm
Silver Ash 2700mm x 72mm x 12mm

Product Information

Info Details
Model Name TimberIreland Screening 72x12mm 2.7m Dark Brown Composite Screening
Model Name 45% reclaimed timber, 48% recycled plastic (high density polyethylene), 7% UV stabilisers, binding agents, anti-mould agents and colour
Colour Charcoal / Slate Grey / Oak / Silver Ash / Walnut
Weight 1.4kg per L/Mkg
Timber Species Engineered Composite
Maintenance Scratches repaired by sanding
Common Uses Outdoor Screening

Product Dimensions

Batten Width Batten Height Batten Lenght
72mm 12mm 2700mm

Package Dimensions

Batten Width Batten Height Batten Lenght
72mm 12mm 2700mm

Composite Bin and Utilities Screening Inspiration

attractive & sleek

Our Composite Screening in our 5 colour options is an ideal screening product to create open enclosure areas from direct public view. With increased focus on cleaner public viewable areas and facilities there a need for open screenable bin enclosures and a variety of outdoor utility services machinery. Also residential appartments and houses have begun screening off exposed outdoor utilities. As composite product resist most insects, rot, decay, mould and mildew, they are easier to keep well maintained.

Inspiration - Bin Screen Enclosures
Inspiration - Bin Screen Enclosures

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