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MicroShades® Treated Wood Products gives the look of cedar at a more affordable cost compared to cedar products.


MicroShades® Treated Wood Products provide the beautiful, rich wood tones of natural redwood and cedar, along with the durability and protection of MicroPro® technology.

MicroShades Profiles - Decking / Rails / Posts


Decking Board - 144x32


Decking Board - 94x32, 144x32, 144x40, D Rail


Bevelled Capping - 94x32


Decking Board - 144x32


Decking Rail - 94x19


41x10 Infill


69x32 Base Rail 2


69x40 Handrail 13


69x40 Handrail 1


1. Eased Edge Spindle - .9m lenght / 41x41mm

2. Decorative Spindle - .9m lenght / 41x41mm

3. Newel Posts - 1.5m lenght only / 94x94mm

4. Eased Edge Posts - 1.8m/2.4m/3m lenght / 41x41mm

5. Eased Edge Posts - .9m lenght / 41x41mm

Looks Different, Because It Is Different!

Microshades Process

What is MicroShade?

MicroShade is a brand name for timber that has been preserved by the correct application of an Osmose, MicroShade wood preservative. Application of the micronized copper preservative is carried out in a controlled treatment process using vacuum pressure impregnation, in accordance with BS 8417. Treated micronized timber is protected against wood rotting fungi and wood destroying insects.

Microshades treatment Comparison over 10 months

Microshades Classic Brown - New - No weathering

Microshades - Classic brown New - no weathering

Microshades Process

Microshades - Classic brown New - no weathering

Microshades Process

Microshades - Classic brown New - no weathering

Microshades Process

Microshades - Classic brown New - no weathering

New Technology

Unlike current preservative formulations, MicroPro technology introduces the copper into the timber cells in a micronized solid format. This results in a premium preservative which is ideal for use in residential and commercial environments were aesthetic and environmental standards are paramount.


When micronized timber is freshly treated it is lighter in colour than traditional treated timbers. It has the unique advantage of weathering to an attractive honey tan shade before going driftwood grey. The lighter colour benefits subsequent painting and staining.


Microshades is treated timber which has had a colour added to the treatment. We offer a colour pigment that leaves treated softwoods with a very attractive hardwood tone.


Microshades Timbers are setting a new benchmark in environmental timber procurement. MicroShades timbers are certified by the Greenguard Environmental Institute for use in schools, playgrounds, offices and other sensitive environments. More information available on www.greenguard.org

Working Properties

Effective Use of Preserved Wood Micronized timber, treated to an appropriate specifi cation, can be used for structural timber, sole plates, garden furniture, playground equipment, patios, decks, fencing, garden edging, and landscaping controlled treatment process structures such as pergolas.


Preserved wood should not be cut or otherwise reworked as this will expose unpreserved wood. If cutting cannot be avoided then precautions should be taken when using high speed cross-cut saws or mechanical sanders. Any surface exposed by drilling or cutting must be retreated with a cut end preservative. Failure to do this will reduce the effectiveness of the preservative.


In decking, and as a general rule, nail boards bark side up (annual rings are upward) to reduce splitting; however the best face should be placed up when a defect of the wood is apparent. Fasten thin boards to thicker boards to maintain structural integrity. It is a good idea to drill pilot holes for your fixings when screwing near the edge or end of a board. This will minimise splitting. If the wood has become wet by exposure to rain, butt decking boards together during construction. As drying occurs, some shrinkage can be expected. If the wood is dry, space the boards to allow for expansion in wet weather.


Micronized timber can be glued with most commonly used adhesives once dry. Always follow the adhesive manufacturer's recommendations.

Fasteners and Hardware

Certain metal products (including fasteners, hardware and flashing) may corrode when in direct contact with wood treated with copper-base preservatives. To prevent premature corrosion and failure it is important to follow the recommendations of the manufacturers for all metal products. For exterior applications, use fasteners and hardware that are in compliance with the manufacturer's recommendations and the building codes for their intended use. As with any good design and construction practices, Micronized timber should not be used in applications where trapped moisture or water can occur. Where design and/or actual conditions allow for constant, repetitive or long periods of wet conditions, only stainless steel fasteners should be used.


If you desire to apply a paint, stain, clear water repellent, or other finish to your preservative treated wood, we recommend following the manufacturer's instructions and label of the finishing product. Before you start, we recommend you apply the finishing product to a small exposed test area before finishing the entire project to can insure it provides the intended result before proceeding.


Micronized timber that is no longer usable, such as off-cuts, broken boards, sawdust or preserved wood material taken out of service, must be disposed of in accordance with national waste regulations.

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