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Cedar Shingles

Its durability makes it a more attractive, light weight choice than many more traditional wall and roof tiling options. With a proven track record of durability, resistance to harsh weather conditions and warmth, red cedar shingles and shakes possess the superior qualities that make them ideal for wall cladding and roofing.

Given the rising interest in the use of environmentally friendly products, cedar shingles are a clear choice, as they have a long life due to good resistance to fungitoxic extractives when subjected to normal UK and Irish weather conditions.

Cedar Shingles Ribs

Western Red Cedar

A North American softwood that grows slowly. Its natural durability and long life span make it a good choice for shakes and shingles. Grown in renewable forests that are carefully managed, Cedar has a natural resistance to decay and is pitch-free. One of the many features that make it ideal for the production of shingles and or shakes is that it can be cut into long planks that have a straight grain.

Cedar Shingles Pack

Superior Insulation

Cedar wood has a superior insulation quality due to its low density, it is a clear choice over other woods when weather resistance and aesthetic qualities are desired. Cedar retains dimensional stability, is light in weight and is easy to work with.


Stocked in the highest grade, "Number 1 Blue Label", in the normal UK / Irish dimension. FiveX 16".

- Kiln Dried
- 100% Heartwood
- 100% Clear
- 100% Vertical Grain
- Can be preservative treated to order

Shingles come in bundles of random widths; each bundle will cover 25 ft² when laid at the normal exposure of 5", which is suitable for roof pitches of 18° or steeper.

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