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Fossil Oak Solid Wood Worktop

Touch a solid wood worksurface and you can feel the beauty with your fingertips. Solid wood worksurfaces are an investment in timeless quality and natural beauty. Tuscan worksurfaces are crafted from the finest quality hardwoods, so you can always be confident about their performance and durability. And the extensive choice of colours and species, available in different sizes and thicknesses, gives you unrivalled design freedom. Your choice of timber will be instinctive. But the look and feel of your worksurface will always be special.

The kitchen. The hub of the home. With a Tuscan worksurface, you can be confident that it can handle the knocks and daily wear and tear of living. Only the finest grade timbers are selected, ensuring high performance and durability.

Fossil Oak

Fossil Oak

Caring for a timber worksurface is easier than you think. On installation, it should be sealed with liberal coats of oil, after which only a periodic light sanding and re-coating of oil is needed. Simple. The oil feeds the wood, encouraging it to season over time and become even more beautiful as well as help protect the surface against stains and spills. An easy maintenance, hygienic surface, just what every kitchen needs.

European Oak Species Quercus Robur, Quercus Petrea

European Oak is light to yellowish-brown in colour with distinctive silver grain figure due to the broad medullary rays that can appear. Renowned for it's strength, durability and aesthetic character, it is a preferred choice in a wide range of applications.

European Oak

Installation, Care & Maintenance

Soild wood worksurfaces require only simple maintenance with the application of our recommended oil. This not only maintains the water-resistant, hard-wearing properties of the surface but also enhances the inherent beauty of the natural material through a gradual mellowing.

A few helpful guidelines:

Always use a chopping board for food preparation - cutting directly onto the worksurface should be avoided. Hot pans, rough-bottomed objects and wet items should not be placed directly onto the worksurface - always use pan stands or trivets. Water spills or other liquids should be mopped up immediately, avoiding liquids standing on the worksurface for any period of time. Clean the timber surface with a lightly dampened cloth from a solution of warm water and a drop of washing up liquid. Re-oil the worksurface and edges on a regular basis. Bamboo

The performance of your Solid wood worksurface is closely linked to the quality of the installation of it, therefore the installation must be conducted in full accordance with the instructions provided. Manufacturer of hardwood worktops carry a 1 year manufacturing defect warranty, a copy of which is available from upon request. The associated product guarantee is void should the installation instructions not be fully complied with.

Prefinished Worksurfaces Fossil Oak

Dimensions Lengths
40mm x 650mm 3m, 4m
40mm x 900mm 2.4m

Prefinished Upstands Fossil Oak

Dimensions Lengths
18mm x 100mm 3m

Prefinished Staves Fossil Oak

Dimensions Lengths
40mm -

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