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Charred Wood Fencing

Charred wood is a perfect choice for a wooden fence – enjoy unique, attention-grabbing and long lasting design solution.

Wood Charring Process

Wood preservation with fire (ancient yakisugi technique) – is a natural way to preserve natural qualities of the wood without any harmful substances.

Charred Wood Cladding

Create an inspired statement project feature facade for either exterior or interior with charred wood cladding.

Fire Rating Treatment

We offer market leading certified fire retardant application service to our products for additional cost. – Fire rated protection for commercial and home dwellings.


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Charred Cladding

YAKISUGI – Antique, yet timeless Japanese wood treatment technique.

Japanese wood treatment technique, called yakisugi, is a completely natural way of wood preservation, used for centuries. Wood charring allows to preserve the lumber from environmental factors, as well as creates unique and exclusive appearance. Using yakisugi technique, the outer part of wooden boards is treated with fire – it allows to reveal the natural beauty of wood colour and texture, without any chemical substances.

Wood preservation

Wood charring ensures natural preservation qualities for wooden house cladding, fence or decking, without any harmful substances involved.

Rich shade

Wood charring enriches and intensifies the natural colour of the wood – shade intensity depends on the exact technology used.

Unique texture

The result of each wood charring project is unique – without any competition!