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Natural, and trendy screens to create a garden border with distinction.

A durable modern Hardwood Fence Panel solution

Hardwood Fence Panel Charmant




Stylish panel border of hardwood wooden slats with posts

CHARMANT panels consist of thin strips screwed onto hardwood slats depending on the model.

The CHARMANT panel offers a more traditional style with its wide slats laid without a frame.

These garden fences play both an aesthetic and decorative role. Above all, they can be used to delineate a property or a garden while creating a blackout barrier. In this way, you preserve your privacy from your neighbours.

Gates with their hardware are offered as an option for each style.

Product advantages

  • Robust
  • Exotic rot-proof wood
  • Blackout
  • Quick to install

All you need to know

  • Vertical or horizontal boards
  • Blackout laths
  • Stainless steel screws
  • Optional gate

Hardwood Fence Panel Products & Accessories

Hardware Kit for the Gates

All-inclusive gate kit. This kit is to compliment the Elegant Gate and Charmont Gate. Supplied are stainless steel hinge parts, handles, and screws. 


Per Kit

Charmant 180×180

Panel dimensions: 180×180 cm. Rhombus boards: 13×44 mm, 13x65mm, 13x90mm.


Per Panel

Attachment plate in stainless steel

Attachment plate for post 90×90 mm


Per Plate

Post 90x90x2.4m 

Post in Bangkirai Section: 90×90 mm. Length: 2.4m. Grooved on all 4 sides.


Per Post

L-shaped mounting bracket

Set of 4 stainless steel brackets 40x35mm Thickness 2mm Screw diameter: 8mm / length: 40mm 8 stainless steel screws 4×25 mm.


Set of 4 

Post 90mmx90mmx3.05m

Post in Bangkirai Section: 90×90 mm. Length: 3.05m. Grooved on all 4 sides.


Per Post

Stainless Steel Post Caps

Post Caps to fit 90mm x 90mm posts


Per Cap 

Post 90mmx90mmx3.96m

Post in Bangkirai Section: 90×90 mm. Length: 3.96m. Grooved on all 4 sides.


Per Post

Charmant Gate 100x180cm

100x180cm Thickness : 45mm. Pre-drilled for lock


Per Panel

Installation of Hardwood Panel Fence for your garden.

Attaching any type of panel must be carried out by a solid anchorage to the ground. There are two possibilities for this:

  • Bury the post directly in the ground. 1/3 of the length of the post must be buried in the ground.
  • Sealing stainless steel anchors in concrete to fix the post.


We explain the first possibility: sealing the post directly into the ground, then we describe the installation with sealing on a stainless-steel anchor.

Caution: Our garden fences are always 180 cm high.

Sealing the posts into the ground

First dig a hole of sufficient circumference (preferably 40×40 cm) and 80 cm deep.

Ensure that there is sufficient space between the posts (1 to 2 cm). With a screen width of 180 cm, 182 cm of internal space between the posts is required.

Step 2

First, install the post and secure it with a set of cleats forming a tripod. Then fill the hole with soil so that the post stays firmly in place. For more stability, add concrete.

The posts must be firmly anchored to the ground. There are two options for this:

  • Post directly sealed into the ground. 1/3 of the length of the post must be buried in the ground: Install the post and wedge it with a set of cleats forming a tripod. Then fill the hole with soil so that the pole remains firmly in place. For more stability, add concrete.
  • Fixing on stainless steel anchors: Dig a hole 40 x 40 cm with a depth of 80 cm. Fill the hole with pre-prepared concrete, place the post anchor in it and level it. Once the concrete is dry, place the post in the anchor. Drill the 12mm diameter holes and then attach the post with M10 stainless steel bolts.

Fitting and installation of the panels

Step 3

Drill the holes on the 6mm diameter posts for the L-connections and screw them in place.

Step 4

Now pull up the screen to the L-connector level. If possible, leave at least 7 cm below the screen to avoid problems with rising damp.

Attaching CHARMANT panels

Drill the holes for the attachment brackets on the post and screw them in place.

Then, screw the panel onto the attachment brackets. If possible, leave at least 7 cm under the screen to avoid problems with rising damp.



FSC Certified

Characteristics of MODERN fencing in Keruing

Profiles and sizes within the Cedar Fencing Range



Tangential Shrinkage


Fungal resistance



Dipterocarpus spp.

Radial Shrinkage


Termite resistance



Red Brown

TS/RS ratio



790 kg/m3

Cross grain

Light cross grain


Moderately stable

Elastic modulus

16610 Mpa

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